About Love Your Mama

LYM first and foremost is an eco boutique that sells eco-friendly & zero-waste products.

LYM's goal is to provide sustainable swaps for everyday life. LYM strives to make it easy for everyone to begin (or deepen) a low-waste lifestyle and practice. That said, LYM does extensive research on products, shipping processes, packaging processes, materials, how products are made and more. The goal is to get past companies and businesses that are "greenwashing" and using specific marketing jargon to make it look like something is more sustainable than it is and bring you the best possible alternative. 

LYM also shares information (through blog posts, social media, newsletters and videos) to help you live a low to zero-waste lifestyle.

You can shop LYM online and your order will be shipped to you. LYM does not have a physical storefont.

If you are local to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Berlin/OC), you can select delivery (within the delivery parameters) or local pick-up.

Local pick-up can be at the markets LYM participates in weekly or in Berlin, MD at the warehouse (options when checking out).

Lastly, you can shop LYM at local markets we participate in. Schedules for these markets are shared online and on social media. Sign up for emails to be notified via our News to Reuse.

Hi, Lizzie here! Thanks for stopping by. I began Love Your Mama in 2019 to fulfill my own needs of wanting a low-waste lifestyle. The first of it's kind in this local area, I wanted LYM to be the place I wish we had. Someones gotta do it, eh? Thus LYM was born to provide my local and extended (online) community with sustainable swaps for everyday life.

A little more about me: I reside with my husband Alex and my beagle Zee, they both bring me a lot of happiness and contentment. We like to lay on the couch and listen to vinyl. I'll pick tacos over sushi but love both. I read often & quick; I can average a book a week. I like quiet time to recharge but can definitely talk your ear off all night. I have a business degree and for sometime, I thought I'd never use it. I have a beautiful garden that I obsess over all summer long. Yes to concerts, all the concerts. Movement is my medicine; running, lifting, walking the dog, roller blading, bike riding & yoga. Speaking of yoga, I'm a 200hr certified yoga instructor and teach at a local studio. I think a shift in perspective and a gratitude list can be very powerful. Huge fan of traveling and learning how others live. I love cheese but it doesn't love me. I'm always down for a sweet treat. And lastly, I'd love for everyone to realize the severity of doing more for the planet.


LYM will feel the need for a particular product & the sustainable alternative for that. Then begins the research for something that meets LYM's standards. The research is often layers deep and can take some time.

Sometimes, the product comes to us. Customers will reach out with something they've tried or seen somewhere, sometimes the creator of the product reaches out and sometimes we personally buy something for the home/lifestyle and like it so much, we decide to stock it.

Have something you think would be great for LYM's mission? Share at: PLUG IN EMAIL ADDRESS

We look at several aspects before finally choosing to stock a product for LYM.

What the product will help with is the first. Then we back pedal a bit to explore who makes it, what their ethos are, how it's made, what is used to create it, shipping methods and a few other aspects. A lot of research can go into something as simple as a bamboo fork.

We do our best to find the product to fulfill what we need that also meets our standards on as many of these levels as possible.


In all seriousness, as often as possible, LYM isn't willing to compromise on quality. This runs deeper than how the product works and what it helps with. Consumerism and production are huge dampers on the environment. Whenever possible, LYM chooses the most sustainable option from start to finish of it's creation.

LYM chooses to support (& normalize) ethical practices, small batches, small businesses, small scale creators, growers & any business that is putting in the effort to change how products are commonly made.

We stand behind the products we sell and all the positive changes that are supported in doing so.


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We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted/@onetreeplanted to plant trees!

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

For every order placed LYM will plant 1 tree! By shopping with LYM, you're making a positive difference!