Sustainable Menstrual Product Q&A

Using unconventional menstrual products, unlike what has been shown to us as our only options in stores and the media, can be intimidating and almost feel a bit odd. We're not here to tell you how to feel about it or treat your body, but we are here to help answer some common questions received as a supplier of eco-friendly and sustainable menstruation products. We asked you on Instagram what you wanted to know about using these products, so here are out best answers. Also, a quick note to say that none of this is medical advice, it's based off of experience and light research.



Q: Do you need to boil it every time you pull it out/dump it?

A: No. You should boil it immediately before use (so it's cleanest) and after your menstrual cycle. In between boiling, you can wash with non-toxic (because it goes inside you) soap or cleanser when you dump it out. LYM now carries Saalt's Menstrual Cup Wash that's made with premium ingredients, removes bacteria but maintains a healthy pH.

Q: Does it overflow?

A: It technically can, but it shows up like a leak, similarly to a tampon filling up and the blood having no where else to go. Sometimes it's the height of your cervix, sometimes you just need to dump it out more often and sometimes you just need to play with finding the correct spot. You'll know because you'll get some leaking, the cup may start to slide downwards, the cup will feel heavy and your pelvis muscles will feel it from holding it in place. or there could even be some air bubbles/bubbling sensation.

Q: Can you sleep in it?

A: Absolutely. If you're concerned about moving around a lot or leaks, I suggest pairing it with a moon liner (reusable panty liner) or a pair of period underwear. In the period underwear, there are different cuts, fabrics and strengths (1-4 tampons worth depending on the pair).

Q: How messy is it emptying it?

A: If you're careful, very little. It depends how you're doing it: shower, over the toilet, at a sink, etc. The biggest thing you need to be aware of is that the blood isn't always the thinnest, so what is in the cup, could still be attached to something above it still making its way down. Over the toilet, you can pull it out and dump downwards between your legs. Again, just needing to be mindful incase anything is attached and moving with the cup but isn't in the cup and detached yet. Same goes for at a sink. In the shower, you have more space and range and the aide of water immediately directing it down the drain. I recommend getting into a routine where you hop in the shower during your AM routine to dump and then in the evening as you're winding down from the day. Overall, just be mindful of making sure you get it pulled out and anything detached before you move the cup around. The dumping into the toilet or down the drain itself is very streamlined and easy.

Q: How do you go about dumping it in public?

A: If you're traveling, on the road a lot or bleed heavy, it might not hurt to have two cups. So you can essentially swap without needing to rinse one before putting it back in. They'll still pay for themselves in the long-run. Worst case scenario: you go into a stall, pull it out and dump it over the toilet (very doable) and then wipe, pull pants back up, walk to sink, rinse and go back in. You can also put it back in, if it didn't get too messy on the sides without rinsing it off or out, but I don't recommend making that a habit. Best case scenario: you find yourself a family bathroom or single-seater and do as above, but without the need to get re-dressed. If you're using two cups and swapping, just insert the second, get all wiped and ready and then bring the first one out to the sink to rinse (after having dumped into toilet) and put into the carrying pouch. If you're trying to be a little more covert, wrap in toilet paper until you get to the sink. Truth be told, I've been using these cups for around 7 years and can only remember ONE time of needing to dump and rinse in public (shoutout Philly Starbucks) and it was a single-seater. I've definitely adjusted in public before but with my flow, I can dump in AM and PM and that's good enough.

Q: Does this work for people with fairly heavy periods?

A: Yes, there is a couple different sizes and one is recommended for heavier flows. Much like a tampon, it just may mean that you need to dump it more often. You'll learn your body with the cup very quickly and realize what your schedule will look like with dumping and with where you are in your flow. For me, I would say I have an average flow and I wear a Regular cup which is the larger of the two and I've never filled it more than halfway. I dump it in the AM and PM (in the shower) and that's roughly 12 hours apart. On my first night, I usually pair the cup with a reusable liner or menstrual undies because I am a wild sleeper and like the peace of mind that I've got back up, although usually I don't have an issue.

Q: How often should you clean and empty it?

A: Boil it before and after your cycle. Wash with non-toxic//gentle soap//menstrual cup wash after each dump before reinserting. Emptying is up to your body and flow. You can wear the cup up to 12 hours without any adverse physical affects, so if you have a light flow, that should work for you. If you have a heavier flow, you may need to dump it sooner. If you have a heavier flow the first day or two, you may need to dump more frequently than the rest of the week. You'll find your groove. The cool thing is, when you pull it out, you can see everything unlike a tampon where it's soaked in, so it really gives you an idea of how much you're bleeding and in what time frame.

Q: Not a question but I just got one and LOVE IT!!! Saving money, my body and the Earth.

A: Same!

Q: No question, but I swear by mine!

A: Same!

Q: I've heard of them, do they go in you?

A: Yes, it's something you would use instead of a tampon. You insert it and it stays in you until you pull it out to empty.

Q: Are there any period panties that cover more up the back?

A: Not all the way up, but we have a new boy short option that offers the most coverage. It can hold 3-4 tampons worth which is the biggest for volume. The gusset (the lining in the crotch that catches the blood) also goes up higher in the front and the back and extends wider to the sides than the other pairs. Come check them out! They're supremely soft and comforting.

Q: Never used a tampon so terrified to try one of these?

A: They're better designed than a tampon to curve to the woman's body and inner workings // vagina // cervix. They're extremely soft. Sometimes tampons can be dry, rough and poke you. This is curved, silicone and flexible. We also carry Soft cups that are a little more thin and flexible. Once you set it inside, you don't feel it. It's very comfortable and you have a lot of movement freedom. It may be uncomfortable as you learn it along with your body and find your sweet spot, but it shouldn't be painful or bother you. If you've have sex or children (vaginally) this is nothing compared to that. It doesn't stretch you at all on it's way in, doesn't push on anything sensitive or push you wider while it's in. We also carry new discs that don't rely on suction so they don't need to push against your walls to stay put for those who are very sensitive.

Q: I'm so confused about how these work: how often do you change them and how do you get them out?

A: Getting out: there's a small little pull tab that you pull on to pull it out. You can also give it a little push from the inside to help it out. If it's getting full or has been in for a long time, your body will start to work it's magic and it'll start to slide down and you'll know its time. That said, no, it won't get stuck unless something freaky happens (btw, take it out before sex!). It's just like a tampon. As it fills, it gets heavier on the pelvis muscles holding it and they'll be like: alright, we're getting tired, time to go. It's not as dramatic as I may have just made it sound. How often: So your body gives off cues, but you'll also learn your flow with the cup and when to dump. I recommend doing this in the shower as much as possible. It's a two for one, you get to refresh yourself and you get a little more space and range to dump. 



Come to Love Your Mama to check out our "Menstruation Station" as I lovingly call it to chat and see what options work for you. You can also visit our website to see what's available. We carry reusable panty liners, period underwear in different styles and sizes, menstrual discs, menstrual cup wash and menstrual cups in different sizes and materials. We'd love to help you feel empowered and take some control back when it comes to your cycle! 

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