I have been really excited to create this and bring this information to you. By no means am I excellent with graphic design, a professional on all things gift giving or aware of everything out there. I’ve never understood how people last minute shop - I have to know what I’m going to buy that person when I enter the store or I’m struggling. I’m not good with letting things jump out at me. The shopping experience has to be thoughtful and intentional. I like to think because of this I shop very mindfully and usually don’t end up giving crap that takes up space, gets tossed or donated or doesn’t make an impact.

I’ve done my best to compile lists for different aspects and types of people in life to offer new outside of the box ways to give gifts that are less wasteful, will actually be used, personable, thoughtful and sustainable.

Before we get started with the lists, I’d like to give some pointers to start thinking outside the box:

  1. Zero in on who it is you need to buy for

  2. Think about what they like to do - a hobby, sport, a downtime activity, eating, socializing, etc. but take it a step further, like why they do it, what about it makes them so happy, what would make it easier for them to do more often.

  3. Think back to things that you’ve watched them get excited over or things they talk about often

  4. Take inventory - if it’s a friend or family member you’ve likely been to their house and you likely know if they’re the type of person to purchase something they want or need immediately, whether they like knick knacks or trinkets, whether they tuck things away and rarely pay attention to them. If you deep down know it won’t be fully appreciated, used or cared for, don’t waste your time or money just because you think it’s a good idea. That serves nobody a purpose.

  5. Do not be afraid to give small. A small gift or idea can be deeply appreciated if it really aligns with what this person loves to celebrate, do, enjoy. Big, glitzy, expensive, etc. means nothing if it sits in a drawer, shelf or closet.

So without further adieu let’s get started!


  1. A gift card to Skin Fitness by Amanda located in West OC - Let’s face it, skincare & self care get expensive. Let your loved ones know that you see them, you want them to take care of themselves and you want them to be totally rejuvenated with a gift card for a facial or other services with Amanda. Gift cards like this are thoughtful and will be greatly appreciated. Pair it up with some product she has or a gift card for nice coffee out somewhere to make it a little more personable and give them an entire afternoon to look forward to. Reach out to Amanda to purchase.

  2. Flowers - Have a friend who is boho and would like a flower crown for a special occasion? Someone who likes creative and unique holiday arrangements? Someone who likes to attend workshops on creating their own floral pieces? Gift a gift card from Little Miss Lovely and allow them to treat themselves to the gift of flowers.

  3. Santa Oyster Shells - Oyster shells that are saved, repurposed and painted with Santa faces. Upcycling at it’s best for the holidays. Made by Jessica Bradshaw-Hotton. They’re sold for $8 an ornament at Watermans Seafood Company in West OC or you can reach out to Jessica via Instagram Direct Message to purchase.

  4. A Bowl Making Class - The Art League of Ocean City hosts many Bowl Making classes throughout the winter. Some are during the evening, some are during the day so it’s easy to catch a class that works best for your schedule. It’s short workshop style class that includes all necessary supplies, gives you clay that’s ready to work with, allows you free time to design your own and GIVES BACK. The proceeds from this class benefit Diakonia. You can register yourself or a friend or family member on their website. I made my own little gift card to give this as a gift last year but you could also simply print off the receipt to give to someone. ** It does appear they may not be doing that again this year but worth mentioning in the event that they are **

  5. CBD Bath Soak - Made by Erin, owner and operate of Health Freedom in Berlin, MD. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the CBD department. She extracts and hand makes CBD products to remedy a multitude of ailments. She also has raw honey, blood thickening syrup, loose teas, reusable water bottles and more. Reach out to her here with questions or stop by Freedom Health Collective off Main St. in the Taylor Bank parking lot to check it out.

  6. Photos - Who doesn’t love a dreamy, professional crisp photo of themselves? After having been photographed recently for engagement photos, wedding photos, advertisements for things, yoga photo shoots and a few other things I realize that a good photo can go a long way. Have a friend or family member who is obsessed with their partner, kids, pets, business? Give them a gift that will last forever. A moment captured in time that they can always be grateful for. We have SO many talented photographers in our area, but to name a few Sarah Murray Photography, Alex Ashman Photography, and Paige Elizabeth Photography

  7. Massage - Gift cards for spa services often seem overplayed but let’s get real - it’s expensive to continue to give yourself the body work you deserve and really need at times (who isn’t stressed about something or other?). Buying a gift card from a local business also supports them and gives back to the community in some way. Again, pair it with something small and personal to help your loved ones really relax (maybe some CBD from Erin above?) and give them the gift of self care, a time out and remedy to physical ailments. I visit Maria from Atlantic Retreat in Berlin for cupping and Jessica from Hands Down in Berlin when I really need a deep rub down.

  8. Love Your Mama Gift Card - well, ya knew this was coming. I offer e gift cards via Square. Reach out to me if I can help you buy one in any way.

  9. CBD Roller - Bathing Bee creates relief oil rollers to help you feel relief from pain and anxiety on the fly. Check out their website for more.

  10. Experiences - Tickets to go see the Winterfest of Lights. Take someone who loves to read to get a Library card if they don’t have one already - reusing second hand books is a way to cut waste too, just something we don’t think about.


  1. The gift of YOGA - I’m speaking universally here. I know that giving yourself the time to go to yoga is a hold up in actually getting into the studio but it could be made easier by giving the gift of yoga. If someone already goes all the time, a gift card to a studio is still super helpful as you’re allowing them to take a break from paying for this self care. Take a moment to look into your local studios, preferably the small locally owned ones, see what they offer (aerial, acro, hot, restorative) and think about what your person may need. Maybe take a moment to write a note about why you chose this place and what you feel may help them? It’s a way to show you care in just the simple way of THINKING about someone and recognizing that you see them and want what’s best for them? Can’t decide? Pop into a couple different studios. For example, around here I’d visit Yogavibez for hot and detoxifying flows, Zenna for Sound Healing and Aerial and beach yoga for the summer time.

  2. Mantra Yoga Box - Yoga By Candace has taken the time to curate these subscription boxes. Mantra Box® is a quarterly discovery box that features the best healthy living products to support your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The majority of the products inside are from small businesses you likely will not see in your local big box stores. There are 7 - 12 products in each box, and everything inside is a total surprise until it shows up on your door. She takes the time to reach out to small businesses that offer products in wellness, tries them out and ensures they’re worthy of being sent to your door.

  3. Gua Sha Stone - Primally Pure’s Gua Sha stone has been in my toolbox for a few months now. It works with the skin to support and optimize the body’s own reparative functions by promoting lymphatic drainage, calming the nervous system, relieving muscle tension + tightness, clearing congestion + buildup, and increasing the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. It helps me relieve tension in my jaw from constantly clenching my teeth together. It also helps rejuvenate me in the mornings. It’s also a dual beneficial way to take a few mindful moments to yourself and reset.

  4. Liforme Mat - This is the yoga mat that I use in my practice. It’s grippy, its cushiony, it’s soft. In fact, I was practicing handstands on the bare floor for quite some time and when I started to practice on my mat I felt a complete change in my ability to really “hold on”. This company gives back by working with social justice, animal welfare and environmental conservation. Their mats are made with non toxic materials, PVC free and in a normal landfill situation will biodegrade naturally within 1-5 years.

  5. Cork Blocks - Elevate your practice with yoga block made with premium natural cork, sourced from sustainable farms in Portugal. Built to be extra sturdy, grounding, non-slip and safe for all postures. Rounded edges add comfort and ease in gripping. Body kind with no latex, harsh chemicals or PVC’s used. Built to last a lifetime. This company started in Maryland and has since moved to Charleston - I’ve used their products many times.

  6. Merrell x Dogfish Head Trail Shoes - My husband surprised me with these for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to get them on my feet. Not only am I an avid runner and love to walk whatever trails I can find, but SeaQuench by Dogfish has made it’s way to my favorite summer beer. Because I already had them, I didn't feel the need to do any research on them but once a friend mentioned she bought them for the sustainability, I had to take a look. From their website:

    • 100% recycled laces
    • 100% recycled protective TPU toe cap
    • 100% recycled TPU film heel counter for security
    • Removable EVA foam insole
    • BLOOM® foam midsole is made from 10% algae biomass which cleans and restores the environment when harvested
    • FLEXconnect™ flex-grooves in the midsole for ground connection
    • Rock plate for protection
    • 30% recycled M Select™ GRIP outsole is sticky and durable
    • Vegan-friendly

I love LOVE love these shoes. They’re extremely comfortable. They’re fun. And not that it was imperative for me to like them, but I received compliment after compliment when I wore them out in public // of the trails.

7. Hydroflask - I’ve used many a reusable water bottle in my day and Hydroflask are the G.O.A.T. in my opinion. I am rough (like really rough) on my stuff, I am constantly on the go, I am running, flowing (yoga), working, traveling, etc. And I find that the Hydroflask is my best option for all these adventures. I buy the bigger sizes (so I'm always prepared with water) and know that my water will stay the temperature that it was when I put it in, I know that I can toss it into a bag and it won’t leak, that I can hook it to a back pack for a hike, that I can drop it or bang it against a tree (not intentionally) and it won’t crack or break. They have a lifetime warranty and are BPA - Free. Want to find one locally? Chaunceys on 53rd. in OC carries them.

8. CBD Bath Soak - Made by Erin, owner and operate of Health Freedom in Berlin, MD. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the CBD department. She extracts and hand makes CBD products to remedy a multitude of ailments. She also has raw honey, blood thickening syrup, loose teas, reusable water bottles and more. Reach out to her here with questions or stop by Freedom Health Collective off Main St. in the Taylor Bank parking lot to check it out. Not so sure about the CBD? Erin has a lot of other alternatives to compliment self-care, winding down and relaxing.


  1. Silicone Lunch Box - Squishable, lightweight, easy to clean and it won't break. Perfect for taking food with you, toting around or keeping on you with the expectations of needing to save food later.

  2. EcoJarz Lid Covers - LYM carries a couple different styles of these. One with a pop-top that entirely secures your drink or one with a straw hole. They both fit onto mason jars and create a safe drinking lid. Mason Jars are super versatile and can hold your beverages or food. If you take one from home with your coffee or smoothie in it, you can end up using it later to buy leftovers from lunch or dinner out in.

  3. Linen Napkins - Tuck one or two of these into your purse, back pack, lunch box, wherever and know that you’ve always got something to wipe your spills, messes or mouth with. It’s lightweight, won’t weigh you down or get in the way. It definitely beats using 2-3 paper napkins every time you eat, as you know that can add up.

  4. StoJo - this silicone coffee cup folds up when you’re finished with your drink and the sleeve tucks into the base. It’s light weight, small and ensures you’ve always got something to put your drink in but won’t weigh you down. I’ve been using one for years. Just make sure when you reassemble it after washing that the lid is flush onto the lip properly or you may wear your coffee like I did. I take mine when I travel domestically or out of the country because I KNOW I make stops for hot bevs in my travels. In the interim I keep it in a basket in my backseat so I’ve always got it with me.

  5. Bamboo Cutlery - Don’t fret about lugging silverware or accumulating plastic forks for on the go. Take this easy to clean, light weight bamboo set with you when you go. A thin carrying case with a drawstring top will allow you to easily tuck it away for safe keeping. You’ll always be prepared for snacks on the go or eating your own food. LYM carries these online or in the shop.

  6. Travel Coffee MUG - I know we all have a ton of coffee tumblers in our cabinets but nothing beats holding the handle of a mug sometimes when you’re looking for the comfort of a hot bev more than the hot bev itself. However, if you’re anything like me, taking ceramic out of the house will result in breakage, maybe before you even make it to the car. I use this Yeti mug for my hot water with lemon on really early mornings when I’ve got the leave the house. It keeps my drinks HOT and has a lid and allows me to mentally slow down and mindfully sip even if I’m on the go. Like a lot? They’ve made over double the size too.

  7. Rumble Go - Just like I’m always bragging on my cold brew makers, I’ve got one for travels. The base of this basket adjusts so you can control the amount of grounds you insert and coffee you make and it goes into most wide mouth bottles. The box is great because it has a little ruler on the side that helps you measure your bottle and determine whether it’s compatible and how much coffee you’ll need. I’ve got a lot of family members who don’t drink coffee and neither does my husband so I’ll set this up, let it steep while we road trip and then by the time we arrive/I’m ready for coffee it’s ready and I just keep it store in the water bottle to hold me over during my stay.



  1. Instant Pot - Instant Pot is one of the greenest kitchen appliances, saving up to 70% electricity in comparable cooking to other appliances, e.g. oven, boiling pot + stove, steamer, etc. It is highly energy efficient. Use it for broths, stews, to steam vegetables, to make soup, to cook dry beans or rice and so much more. It makes cooking efficient for yourself and energy usage, it is usually one stop shop on dishes or appliances needed and you can get extremely creative with it. It’s usually much quicker than other methods also.

  2. Silicone Lunch Box

  3. Food Processor - My blender and my food processor have become my most used kitchen items when it comes to whipping up plant based sauces, soups and more. There are a ton of creative and delicious plant based options that won’t leave you feeling like you’re missing something. Minimalist Baker, Ambitious Kitchen and Inspiralized all offer a multitude of recipes. Without getting too far into it, eating a plant based diet on a wide spectrum makes a positive impact on our Earth - although I’m not dismissing LOCAL farmers and butchers.

  4. Rumble Jar - Homemade cold brew

  5. Locally, small batch and handmade made bacon, sausage & scrapple - Elysium Farm in Berlin, MD

  6. Course Dinner - Gilbert’s Provisions in Berlin, MD occasionally does coursed meals with different themes if you will, I attended the Vegan dinner one night and it was delicious and interesting. Local, made with love, unique and different than a typical experience. Give him a call and see what he’s got on the calendar and buy your loved one a gift card with that intention.



I hope that this guide provides you with some new and creative ideas to get those last minute gifts for your loved ones crossed off! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all of the fun to you!

With Love,


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