Gua Sha for Sinus Pressure

LYM has recently started carrying Gua Sha stones. Why? Because they are an “eco-friendly” product and what I mean by that is that of all the Gua Sha stones on the market, I’ve found one that comes to you plastic-free. But to better explain, I believe that the better care we take of ourselves, the better we can take care of the beings, nature & creatures around us. The more we slow down and give ourselves what we need, the more likely we are to do so for that around us also.

What is Gua Sha? Gua Sha is a traditional Eastern treatment in which the skin is scraped to release impurities and toxins. This helps stimulate new and oxygenated blood flow underneath the skin. This stimulation promoted cell repair and regeneration. It also helps with breakouts, inflammation, uneven skin tone and aging of the skin. The stone can be used for DIY Self-Care. It will naturally lift the face. It’s made from Jade which is a healing stone.

I use it for it’s obvious benefits: to lift the face, to improve lymphatic drainage, to help product absorb better, to relieve tension and to de-puff. I also use it to relieve sinus pressure when it hits, which seems like is often because I’m extremely sensitive to allergens and changes in the weather. The other day I did some Gua Sha while working at my desk to help relive some sinus pressure and decided to film it to share it with you, simply to provide a quick visual of the magic that is Gua Sha. Some things really are better when simplified.


Please note that this is roughly 3 minutes for that side of the face sped up into 45 seconds. You’ll want to slowly and gently do your Gua Sha using your fingers to anchor down the skin so that you’re not dragging or pulling the skin too much. Always wash your hands and moisturize just before you start. There are different methods to this and tons of resources do it properly. I am no professional but I’ve educated myself from other people who are professionals and this method is what works for me to help decrease pressure and headaches from my sinus’.

Get your own Gua Sha stone here and get started with this self-care that is beneficial in more ways than one.

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