Get the Most of Your Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent and Money

Earth-friendly and non-toxic Laundry Detergent is the best seller of all our refill stations here at Love Your Mama. The eco-friendly Laundry Sheets are also a continuous best seller, so we have a lot of discussions on laundry here in our downtown Berlin, MD store. Here's a few of our most talked about topics and answers to questions that can help you make the most of your non-toxic detergents. 
a picture of a 55 gallon drum of laundry detergent with an explanation that if you're using that particular bulk liquid detergent, you only need to use two tablespoons per load
Our bulk laundry is from Rustic Strength and costs .35 cents an ounce by WEIGHT, not by volume. To give you a reference, a full growler that is 128 ounces by volume cost around $50 to fill. You're welcome to bring whatever container you see fit for your laundry to fill or purchase one of our glass options. 
Feel like your laundry detergent sheets are not breaking down enough? Rip them up to put them into pieces and then toss into your washing machine. It also is helpful to put them close to where the water comes out so they immediately dissolve and disperse.
If you have a front loader washing machine, try skipping the drawer or compartment because as soon as the sheets get wet, they begin to dissolve and could be getting stuck inside the compartment walls instead of flowing down into the laundry. Toss directly into the machine near the water spout.
Use baking soda, Odor Stench remover, brightening powder and more from Love Your Mama's refill stations to help aide in stains and stenches from laundry.

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