Cold Brew: Why We Love it

Cold brew is so dang good. It’s better than drip coffee. There I said it. No, I’m not a coffee snob. Yes, I’ll drink drip coffee any day and enjoy it. Cold brew is just so rich, so flavorful, so robust and so smooth. It also is less acidic and bitter.

And ya know what? It can be simply heated up and turned into a hot coffee too. What’s the point of that? Isn’t it the same as drip coffee? Nah. With cold brew, (course) grounds are fully immersed in cold water and steep together anywhere from 8-24 hours , are then separated and you’re left with a concentrate of cold brew. Drip coffee is where hot water shoots through the grounds and extracts the flavor out of the grounds and drips it down into your pot. Still, why should I heat up cold brew instead of just making drip coffee? As stated before, it has less acid and is less bitter and it is said that the heat from typical drip coffee making zaps away the antioxidants from the coffee. So there’s that little boost of nutrition benefits. You’ll also enjoy a different flavor.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brew? Same as the drip coffee. Iced coffee is simply hot coffee that’s been cooled and/or chilled and poured over ice. At times it can start to taste watered down while cold brew is concentrate so it is strong in flavor and can withstand ice melting around it trying to ruin it’s flavor.

I’ve been making cold brew for years - very messily, until my (now) husband got me a Kickstarter for a Cold Brew maker and I was all ‘uhh I don’t need this I make my cold brew just fine but whatevers’ and then I got said Kickstarter and was like ‘GAME ON THIS THING IS AMAZING!’. So now LYM carries this cold brew maker to share with you the gift of easy cold brew. What’s that got to do with sustainable practices? It’s all full circle - the better the coffee is at home, the more likely you are to make it there, the less likely you are to stop out and about and buy a coffee in single use plastic (just in case you weren’t prepared with a reusable, of course!). Also, it makes clean up a breeze and you can dump the grounds into your garden, plants, houseplants or compost ensuring that they’re not being piled up into landfills emitting off toxic gases. It’s a win, win.


Check out LYM’s Cold Brew makers for yourself and your loved ones. It’s a gift that won’t go unappreciated.

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