A Story About Shopping Small: The Flagpole

I have a planter filled with lavender that keeps getting bigger and better (stop and smell it next time you walk by) & a post I put in to hold a flag. It was a concept I came up with to bring awareness to our location for people walking along Main St. because we are so ‘tucked away’, we often get overlooked. I prefer the term ‘hidden gem’, though. 
The flagpole holder broke and needed to be replaced so instead of ordering one off a specific huge online store that could have had it to me cheaply and quickly without me needing to even step outside the shop, I did something else, that's seemingly dated these days.
 Instead, I took a little stroll down the street on foot to the hardware store. It was sunny and warm. I passed a pollinator garden outside the memorial monument that recently was redone to have wheelchair access. I said hi to a few people. I laughed hysterically with a friend who drove past and asked if my ‘back in 10 minutes’ sign was up because it always is when she comes by. I picked out the nicest, sturdiest model available, costing me around $15. I supported a small local business but also gained from it. 
While shopping small didn’t make someone put a shell in my planter, the timing of it all aligned for me to come across it when I did. As it was supposed to, perhaps. And it’s the little things like that, ya know? 
Shop local. Shop small. See it as an opportunity, not an inconvenience. Be grateful for the resources your neighbors are boldly creating by opening these small businesses and acting on their ideas to solve some kind of need or problem, whatever it is.
 And as always, thank you for your continuous support! 

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