Baking Soda

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How It Works (if you know the drill, scroll down for product info):

LYM’s Refill Program is an effort to bring the community a way to purchase household and body products in bulk and plastic-free. LYM uses non-toxic and clean products to ensure a negative impact isn’t left behind for your health or the environment.

Order online or come by one of the Pop-Ups LYM participates in to purchase. It’s available for local pick-up or delivery.

Bring your glassware back to LYM (or leave out for LYM to pick-up during a delivery) and receive $6 for growlers off your next refill and $2 for boston bottles or mason jars off your next refill. If you are returning glassware, select the RETURNED option for your product while checking out on the website. Any returned glassware will be thoroughly and properly sanitized and reused.

Please note, at this time, LYM is not taking any personal glassware as a “Returned” option, just glassware that has been previously purchased from LYM.

LYM delivers to Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Ocean Pines, Berlin, Assateague, Bishopville and Selbyville addresses. Anything outside of those areas will need to be picked up.


Baking Soda, whose formal name is sodium bicarbonate, is widely used in baking  and is probably most of our first introductions to the product, but Baking Soda has a multitude of benefits for your home and lifestyle.

In the home:

Neutralize odors in the fridge, as an air freshener, in laundry, for kitchen tiles, ovens, marble, grease stains, tarnished silver and microwaves, bathroom tiles, toilets, showers, bath tubs, and bathroom sinks, stinky shoes and clearing drains

On or in the body:

Bad breath, deodorant, teeth whitening, or heartburn

Check the blog for recipes and DIY’s for the above to use Baking Soda in your home to eliminate toxic products and chemicals

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